While Advertising Go Below The Line With EMG Entertainment

Above The Line (ATL) and Below The Line (BTL) advertising are two new propellers of business which are embodied as a useful part and parcel in the advertising world and often have left the people confused about the fact as to what they stand for. It might be worth on our part before to begin this by defining what constitutes the metaphoric ‘Line'. As Michael John Baker from The Marketing Book has used the terms ‘Above The Line' and ‘Below The Line' for the first time back in 1954. According to him by the term below the line marketing, we understand such marketing practices while making use of promotional forms which generally do not involve the using of mass media where in a firm's use of an advertising agency, advertising agency charge no commission and thus the question of expense typically appears ‘below the line' on the ad agency's bill to the firm. Our company, namely EMG Entertainment offer you this kind of BTL services.

Regarding The Tools Of Our BTL services

While ATL marketing is entirely engaged with television, radio, newspaper and thus involves much high expenditure so if you are a new start up or beginner in the business world you would never prefer ATL marketing rather you would look for an alternative which is effectively offered and provided by EMG Entertainment BTL services. Here we use such tools like internet, social media and email. Apart from this in order to facilitate the marketing, we make a video viral intentionally. Besides all these, we also offer you BTL with the tool of outdoor marketing which has been used for ages in the arena of marketing and has become popularised as a useful tool. In this case of outdoor marketing, we usually prefer advertisement on large billboards or using large pixel screens in public areas, restaurants, railways, airports for advertising. We do it in such a style the people will remember it at the time of purchasing and they would identify that it is the brand he/she has seen while driving on the high roads. So, EMG Entertainment BTL services proudly proclaim that it would make your brand stay in the customers' limelight.